Monterey Stinging Jellies & Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course

The Monterey Stinging Jellies Disc Golf Club (MSJDGC) is a small non-profit organization that has been an exemplary steward of Ryan Ranch Park for over a decade. The club was ushered onto the property in 2008 through the Parks & Recreation Department. It was a hand shake deal that came with terms that the club maintain the property and work with Parks & Rec when expanding. The club is proud of what they have transformed that property into. The open space at Ryan Ranch Park was once unused city land that attracted the likes of illegal off-road vehicles and homeless camps. Since moving onto the property the club has changed the culture out there, and it is all due to disc golf.

There has not been one negative report that stems from disc golfing at Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course. It is quite the opposite in fact. When talking to local hikers, dog walkers, and bird watchers, they all appreciate the time and energy the MSJDGC puts into beautifying the property. When speaking to patients at the nearby cancer treatment facility, they all say they enjoy seeing disc golfers play the scenic course, which runs adjacent to their facility. When speaking to parents and families who utilize the course with their children, they all echo the same thoughts. Where else can you enjoy a healthy recreational experience in Monterey for such a low cost? That is because the club offers this course as a free benefit to the community through its volunteer efforts.

Needless to say, the Monterey Stinging Jellies have had a positive impact on the land occupied at Ryan Ranch Park. We have a long history of positive interactions with our local communities, including annual fundraising events for the likes of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and the Sobranes Fire Relief. The club uses its own funds to ensure fire and erosion control at the course on an annual basis. Now, we are having to put faith in the City of Monterey that they will acknowledge these efforts, and reciprocate our actions, by allowing disc golf to stay at Ryan Ranch through a formal user agreement.

The Monterey Stinging Jellies Disc Golf Club would like to thank all of its supporters over the years, and any member that has helped out in one way or another with the maintenance of the course. It does not go unnoticed. The club is remaining positive in this tumultuous time, and looks forward to continuing a positive relationship with the city, as we have demonstrated for the past 10 plus years. At the end of the day, our club resorts back to its original mission statement, which is growing disc golf in and around the Monterey Peninsula. So even though it would appear we have already accomplished that goal, in reality, it begins right now.