Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course Closure

The City of Monterey proposed the development of solar panels on a portion of the Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course in the beginning of 2017. It was early in 2018 that this proposal was presented to city council. The board of directors for the Monterey Stinging Jellies Disc Golf Club (MSJDGC) worked with the city in an effort to allow the disc golf course to remain on the property in tandem with the solar panels if the solar project was imminent. This attempt to work with the city was unnecessary as to the solar panel project was unanimously voted down by city council in mid-2018. At the same time the presence of disc golf at Ryan Ranch was brought to light to the new city staff members, who were unaware of the expansion of the course and club at the time.

Recently, the disc golf course has received a lot of attention. During the exploratory process of the solar project the city learned that there was not a formal user agreement in place with the club and its course at Ryan Ranch. Since then, the City of Monterey has expressed interest in keeping disc golf in Monterey. Though they have stated they will have to follow all necessary steps and procedures, as required by all city governments, as a user agreement is formulated for the property.

The city has ordered the club to cease and desist all disc golf operations at Ryan Ranch effective immediately. The original cease and desist order came with the requirements that the club remove all equipment at Ryan Ranch Park, which includes: baskets, tee pads, tee signs, kiosks, fences, and any other property installed by the club. Since then, the board of directors for the Monterey Stinging Jellies Disc Golf Club has negotiated with the city to require only the baskets be removed during this user agreement formulation process. The city admits this will be a lengthy process, as they are forced to complete their due diligence to mitigate any potential risk.

The goal of the Monterey Stinging Jellies Disc Golf Club has always been to cultivate and grow disc golf on the Monterey Peninsula. We have also had the goal of entering into a user agreement with the City of Monterey to protect our club’s course moving forward. These are the beginning steps necessary to accomplish this goal.

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